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Aqualink logo 

Aqualink is a network of international graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and researchers from various disciplines, ranging from biology, economics, political science, geography to anthropology, interested in working collaboratively in addressing issues relating to bio-physical, ecological and human integration within aquatic ecosystems.

OneFish logo 

OneFish is a web-based knowledge management system designed to serve those keen to extend the boundaries of fisheries and aquatic research, and to facilitate a more efficient and effective application of research-based knowledge to the many constraints of sustainable development. For further details, see Nathaniel Newland's article in FishBytes (PDF format).

Shedd Aquarium

Shedd Aquarium is one of the oldest public aquariums in the world, As "The World's Aquarium" it sets an example through innovative approaches to animal care, exhibits, programs, education and management. The Project Seahorse / John G. Shedd Aquarium Partnership for Marine Conservation was established in 1998 to improve husbandry, research and conservation programs.

Zoological Society of London is a charity devoted to the worldwide conservation of animals and their habitats. Its scientists in the laboratory and the field, zoo animal management teams and veterinarians contribute wide-ranging skills and experience to both practical conservation and to the scientific research that underpins this work. It is a founding partner of Project Seahorse .

Sister Newsletters


Ecologically Sustainable Development

Ecologically Sustainable Development is a dynamic concept that seeks to integrate short and long-term economic, social and environmental effects into the decision-making of government and industry. ESD was formulated over 10 years ago, but until recently has proved hard to implement effectively and demonstrate its achievement, in a practical manner. All Australian fisheries agencies and industry groups are committed to implementing the principles of ESD.

Electronic Porcupine

Electronic Porcupine is the newsletter of the Department of Ecology & Biodiversity at the University of Hong Kong.

Marine Mammal News logo

North Pacific Universities Marine Mammal Research Consortium conducts research on the relation between fisheries and marine mammals in the North Pacific and the Eastern Bering Sea.

Other Partnerships


Greenpeace logo

Greenpeace : Principles for Ecologically Responsible Fisheries.

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 WWF : Endangered Seas Campaign


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