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NF-UBC Nereus program - Predicting the Future Ocean

The NF-UBC Nereus program is a 9-year research partnership between The Nippon Foundation and The University of British Columbia. Over-exploitation of the world’s fish resources has caused serious decline in fish populations, and there is widespread concern that the world oceans will be unable to supply fish products for future generations. The NF-UBC Nereus program has been created to help address this global issue by developing an international research network able to evaluate future scenarios for managing fisheries in the worlds oceans and communicate and bring about change to how we exploit the oceans in order for our children and grandchildren to enjoy seafood and experience a healthy ocean.

Led by Dr. William Cheung, Dr. Yoshi Ota and Dr. Daniel Pauly, the program has three main objectives: 1) Simulating the future ocean - develop scientifically credible simulations of future fish populations and policy options for the world oceans, and 2) Capacity building – develop research capacity and international cooperation to provide scientifically informed and practical solutions for managing the oceans to the benefit of future generations and 3) Public awareness - raise public awareness of the state of the oceans.

Dr. Villy Christensen also participates in the program as the research chair of Ecosystem modelling and management.

For more detail, please see the NF-UBC Nereus website.


Nereus program overview

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