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Name Country Supervisor Program/Thesis
Advani, Sahir Tony Pitcher PhD RMES
The effect of differing cultural and historical origins on the valuation of fish resources and marine ecosystems by fishing communities.
Al-Abdulrazzak, Dalal Daniel Pauly Zoology
In the Wake of the Dhow: Historical Changes in the Marine Ecology and Fisheries of the Persian Gulf
Aylesworth, Lindsay Amanda Vincent PhD Zoology
Community and population ecology, specifically to address seahorse conservation, threats and management
Belhabib, Dyhia Daniel Pauly Resource Management and Environmental Studies
Brotz, Lucas Daniel Pauly Zoology, PhD
Jellyfish as food for humans and other vertebrates
Chudnow, Rachel Murdoch McAllister PhD Zoology
Diaz Gomez, Mariana MSc Zoology
Does diet quality affect the ability of Northern fur seals (Callorhinus ursinus) to meet daily energy requirements?
Didier, Wes David Close PhD Zoology
Testing for stresses that may be affecting fecundity of eulachon
Dóson Coll, Yago Tony Pitcher MSc RMES
Edwards, Danielle Murdoch McAllister PhD RMES
Fishing fleet dynamics and fisheries management policy evaluation for the BC small boat groundfish fleet
Eom, Junho David Close PhD Zoology
The sex pheromone Acipenser transmontanus in White Sturgeon
Fortune, Sarah Andrew Trites PhD candidate, Zoology
Is nutrition limiting the recovery of the endangered North Atlantic right whale?
Gibson, Darah MSc Student
Gillespie, Kyle Amanda Vincent PhD Zoology
Accounting for the other 95% of marine animal diversity: Including marine invertebrates in marine protected area science and fisheries management
Goundie, Elizabeth MSc Zoology
How do changes in prey distribution and density affect Steller sea lions' diving energetics and foraging ability?
Greenberg, Aaron Steve Martell PhD Zoology
Dungeness crab fisheries
Haman, Katherine PhD Zoology
DVM (University of Georgia); MSc (University of Maryland); BSc (George Washington University)
Harper, Sarah Rashid Sumaila PhD RMES
Gender and Fisheries
Hawkshaw, Mike Carl Walters Zoology, MSc
Juvenile Northern pikeminnow dynamics
Hawkshaw, Sarah Murdoch McAllister PhD Zoology
Evaluating management strategies for the salmon troll fishery on the West Coast of Vancouver Island
Hehre, James Daniel Pauly Zoology, PhD
The ecological impacts of seaweed farming on the Danajon Bank, Central Philippines.
Jeanniard du Dot, Tiphaine Andrew Trites Zoology, PhD
Effects of environmental changes on fitness and foraging efficiency of fur seals: an energetic approach
Khalfallah , Myriam Daniel Pauly MSc, RMES-Fisheries
Fisheries management in Southern Mediterranean and Arab Countries
Koot, Barbara Zoology, MSc.
Spatial and temporal distribution of large whales off the coast of British Columbia, using passive acoustic methods
Kuo, Ting-Chun Amanda Vincent PhD Zoology
Licandeo, Roberto Steve Martell PhD Zoology
Louton, Rachel Murdoch McAllister Zoology, PhD
Develop simulation evaluations of alternative management regimes for shrimp fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico
Maharaj, Ravi William Cheung
Manning, Clayton Amanda Vincent Zoology, MSc
Community structure and seahorse abundance in Southeast Asia
Nelson, Benjamin Zoology, PhD
Multi-species modeling of predator/prey interactions between pinnipeds and Pacific salmon in the Strait of Georgia
Neuenhoff, Rachel Andrew Trites PhD
Determining if and how grey seals limit cod recovery in the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence
Obradovich, Shannon Murdoch McAllister Zoology, PhD
Using bottom longlines in the assessment of long-lived, demersal reef species: a case study of British Columbia inshore rockfish
Schuhbauer, Anna Rashid Sumaila RMES PhD
Scott, Jeff Tony Pitcher MSc., RMES
Mapping the information-sharing network of the US Atlantic pelagic longline fleet
Selgrath, Jennifer Amanda Vincent Zoology, PhD
Ecosystem resilience in coastal fishing grounds
Singleton, Rebecca Rashid Sumaila RMES (Fisheries) PhD
Innovative funding mechanisms for marine protected areas
Slogan, Jamie Tony Pitcher Zoology, PhD
Colonization and succession of artificial reefs in Burrard Inlet, B.C.
Stocks, Allison Amanda Vincent Zoology, MSc
Providing Viet Nam with important information needed to manage vulnerable seahorse populations
Surma, Szymon Tony Pitcher RMES-Fisheries PhD
The role of Pacific herring in Northeast Pacific trophodynamics
Talloni , Nicolás Tony Pitcher PhD RMES
Evaluating and integrating the human dimensions of fisheries (e.g., resilience, vulnerability, ethics, fishermen identity) in a sustainable fishing policy, informed by recent developments of the Rapfish technique
Thomas, Austen Andrew Trites Zoology, PhD
Foraging behaviour and prey consumption of harbour seals (Phoca vitulina) in the Salish Sea
Vaidyanathan, Tanvi Amanda Vincent Ph.D in Zoology
Implications of trawl fisheries on bycatch species and their habitats
Witter, Allison Rashid Sumaila RMES (Fisheries) PhD
Economic viability and socio-ecological impacts of the community supported fishery (CSF) model
Woodruff, Patricia Villy Christensen PhD Zoology
Wor, Catarina PhD Zoology
Zhang, Xiong Amanda Vincent

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